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The world has been shocked with another type of influenza. This is not any ordinary influenza nor viruses. It is not the same like Sars in the year 2000. It does not kill birds like bird's flu in the year 2006 to 2007. It is more fierce and more means. It is H1N1.

In the world history, it is said that H1N1 had already attacked human in Beijing. Many human life lost counted and it only stopped when the antiviral was founded. However, the past H1N1 is not a match for the present H1N1. It is never before seen combination of human-swine influenza virus.

The first case of present H1N1 is recorded in Mexico. Surprisingly, not more than a month after that, it has spread through out the globe. It has transmitted from human-to-human through saliva as its medium. Direct exposure with the human that are already infected with the virus which came from swine can also cause others to get infected. Besides, there is also airborne transmission. People who are boarding the same aeroplane with the patient may also get the flu.

According to the experts around the world, the symptoms of the flu are such as runny nose, irregular fever which the temperature is above the normal fever, coughing for more than a weak and nausea. It is advised that the person who gets these symptoms to consult a doctor immediately.

Usually, the doctor will diagnose. If the tendency of the symptoms are more likely to be H1N1, the doctor will order the patient to be quarantined for a week. After that the person who is confirmed infected with the flu will be given either vaccination or antiviral medicines. However, antiviral medicines will only work when there is H1N1. It would not work when the medicines is taken before getting the H1N1.

Prevention is better than cure. To prevent from getting infected by the flu, a person must avoid close contact with an infected person. The best prevention is by covering your nose and mouth with medical mask which only cost Rm 4.50 t0 Rm 7.8o where it is much cheaper than your life. Besides that, you must avoid going to a crowded place like watching concert and going to the night market.

The government has taken several measures to prevent the spreading of the flu. The Ministry Of Health has called the people who just come back from abroad to be examined. Besides that, the vaccine that the government orders will arrive end of this October and the second orders will arrive next January. Posters on the prevention of H1N1 are already distributed throughout whole nation. Since now, there are already 71 deaths that are caused by the flu in Malaysia.

This global pandemic influenza will not stop if there is no prevention. For that, we have to be prepared to face the next wave of this influenza. Scientist have announced that the second wave H1N1 is more dangerous. Until then, we have to be more cautions.


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