The Roles of A Kindergarten Teacher

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

The root of civilization is knowledge. Therefore to ensure the dream of One Malaysia can be realize, we must give our children with a proper knowledge; and it is start in a kindergarten. The work of giving knowledge in a kindergarten is a very noble job as it is the beginning of studies for the preschool children. That is why the kindergarten teachers play important roles of the mankind development.

There are many responsible that a preschool teacher needs to carry on and one of it is to give children to know the meaning of learning. Maybe many people out there who do not know about the duty of a kindergarten teachers think that we only teach student alphabets and numbers. They are totally wrong. It is because, we do not only teach them in general learning, but we teach them in four major aspects which are physical, emotion, spiritual and intellectual.

As a kindergarten teacher, we need to play our role to increase their intellectual. A kindergarten teacher teaches student from a level to a level. It is a step by step process. First is by teaching a simple learning then moving forward to a complex learning. For example is language subject. A kindergarten teacher usually starts by teaching alphabets. After the children showing their progression, they then will learn how to speak and spell.

In the aspect of physical, the preschool teachers play their role by conducting the children by doing a several outdoor activities. In this controlled outdoor activity, these children will get to know and communicate with each other and also can interact with the world. This helps children to learn how to communicate and be independent. Furthermore, this outdoor activity also helps the student to get a healthy body.

In the other hand, the kindergarten teacher also plays their role to control the kids’ emotion. The children who been pampered by their parents since baby will usually hard for them to separate from their mother even for a few hours. This is why some of the children cry when come to the kindergarten. As a preschool teacher, we have to control the children emotion. We must know how to make them happy. This is because, the kids usually will not learn if their mood in bad mood or in sad condition.

That is why a kindergarten teacher should be a considerate, loving and caring person. They must know how to attract the students and also how to control them. In the kindergarten, we are their mothers and we are their father. This is not an easy job. It is because; all of the kids got their own will and need which are different from each others. It is much more problems when handling a proactive kids and also a naughty kids.

Not forgotten, the role to teach them in the aspect of spiritual. In the home sweet home kindergarten, the children will teach by the teachers to recite the prayers and also to learn praying. They also will learn to read the Quran. This is the role of the preschool teachers to build the kids’ characteristic and personalities.

The teaching in the spiritual actually will help to teach the students the noble values. They will learn to share things and also to tolerate with each other especially when they are playing. However, the roles of the kindergarten teacher just not stop at there. It is something that is indirect.

The role of the preschool teachers is to prepare the kids to become the good source of human for country (modal insan). It is because the preparation is the starting of the student’s journey to gain knowledge and the quest for the students to find their achievement. Then give their contribution to the country.

As the conclusion, the preschool teacher is just not only a kids’ teacher. They are the craftsman for the civilization. They are the person who starts to craft the One Malaysia sculpture. They are one of the civilization creators.


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